American Land Title Association (ALTA) Best Practices Assessment Consulting

Blog Post has been Updated for 2017 with New Requirements.

Flat Iron Technologies, LLC offers industry leading American Land Title Association (ALTA) best practices assessment consulting, policies and procedures development, and other support services to businesses throughout North America. ALTA has essentially put forth a number of best practices for helping its members “…highlight policies and procedures the industry exercises to protect lenders and consumers, while ensuring a positive and compliant real estate settlement experience…” 

ALTA Best Practices Assessment Experts - Policies, Procedures, Training, and More

It means that in today’s world of complex regulatory compliance laws and legislation, businesses within the title insurance industry throughout North America need to start putting in place all mandated security and operational policies, procedures, and processes as requested by ALTA. Let’s not also forget about the rigid requirements being put forth by banks/lenders, and other financial institutions within the industry who are now advocating comprehensive policy and procedural documentation to be in place. From security awareness training to annual risk assessments – and much more – compliance with ALTA best practices and external entities (i.e., banks, etc.) is now a serious matter:  ALTA best practices assessment services offered by Flat Iron Technologies, LLC include the following:

  • Policies and Procedures Development: Professional development of all mandated information security and operational ALTA policies and procedure, ranging from general security policy templates to industry specific policy materials, is what we do best for ALTA members. Whatever your policy needs are, talk to the experts today at Flat Iron Technologies, LLC.
  • Security Awareness Training Packages: Comprehensive security awareness and training programs for businesses is a must for ALTA compliance, and Flat Iron Technologies, LLC offers a wide variety of training programs, ranging from general security PowerPoint Presentations (PPT) to customized training manuals, and much more. 
  • Risk Management Tools: Annual risk assessments covering all critical business domains, such as general information security best practices to specific controls relating to the title industry are essential for ALTA compliance.  Flat Iron Technologies, LLC has developed comprehensive risk management tools and processes specific to the title industry.
  • Monitoring of Third Parties: Flat Iron Technologies, LLC offers comprehensive third-party monitoring packages so organizations can effectively assess relationships with all in-scope vendors and service providers for ensuring compliance with ALTA best practices. 
  • Compliance assessments for External Vendors: Monitoring third-party providers is essential – no question about it – yet Flat Iron Technologies, LLC also offers a wide array of critical compliance assessments, consulting services, and audits for such companies also.

Call the ALTA Best Practices Assessment Experts Today at Flat Iron Technologies, LLC

We all live in a highly complex, heavily regulated economy – especially when it comes to the title and banking industry – so talk to ALTA regulatory compliance experts today at Flat Iron Technologies, LLC today. From security policy development to in-depth security awareness and training, the ALTA experts at Flat Iron Technologies are here to help. One thing’s for sure in today’s business arena – regulatory compliance is here to stay, thus the mandates for comprehensive, well-written security and operational documentation is essential, no question about it.  Contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view, along with visiting our shop page to learn more about the dozens of information security policies and procedures packets we offer for instant download today.


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