Making Security Measurable (MSM) | Overview | the Importance of Information Security Policies and Procedures

47. What is Making Security Measurable (MSM), why are information security policies and procedures so important today, and do you offer comprehensive I.T. security documentation?

Making Security Measurable (MSM) is essentially a platform that advocates the notion of security and information systems being a critical issue within virtually any type of organization today. At its heart, MSM –according to, - “…are initiatives that provide the foundation for answering today’s increased demands for accountability, efficiency and interoperability without artificially constraining an organization’s solution options.” Thus, the MSM concept applies in earnest to the following critical areas within information security: (1). Software Assurance. (2). Application Security. (3). Asset Management. (4). Supply Chain Risk Management. (5). Cyber Intelligence Threat Analysis. (6). Cyber Threat Information Sharing. (7). Vulnerability Management. (8). Patch Management. (9). Configuration Management. (10). Malware Protection. (11). Intrusion Detection. (12). System Assessment. (13). Incident Coordination. (14). Enterprise Reporting. (15). Remediation.

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The Importance of Information Security Policies and Procedures | Learn More | Download Today
Given today’s ever-increasing cyber security threats, one can clearly see the importance of the aforementioned areas within information security. The success of implementing such safeguards requires much more than just consensus – rather – a documented and formalized set of initiatives for ultimately ensuring the confidentiality, integrity, and availability (CIA) of an organization’s information technology architecture. Simply stated, the need for a well-developed, comprehensive set of information security policies and procedures has never been greater. Not only are they an absolute requirement for many of today’s compliance laws and initiatives, policies and procedures create awareness and accountability for organizations.

Information Security Policies and Procedures are a Must for Compliance | Download Today
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