Open Source Vulnerability Database (OSVDB) | Overview | Why Information Security Policies are Critical

36. What is the Open Source Vulnerability Database and can you speak about the importance of information security policies, and do you offer comprehensive I.T. security documentation?

The Open Source Vulnerability Database (OSVDB) – according to –is an independent and open web-based vulnerability database created for the security community that was founded in August of 2002, with a goal of providing accurate, detailed, current, and unbiased technical information on security vulnerabilities. Additionally, according to OSVDB, “The project hopes to provide a truly comprehensive vulnerability database with extended features to better facilitate searching, information classification, and references.” – source: With dedicated project leaders and volunteers working to create and maintain this vast and expansive database, it continues to be an excellent resource for I.T. professionals all around the globe. Both individuals and corporations can get involved with OSVDB, ranging from volunteer work, to corporate sponsorship, just to name a select few of opportunities being offered.

(OSVDB) | A Great Resource for Helping Organizations with Information Security
As for the databases itself, it’s incredibly in-depth, providing critical information on a large and ever-growing number of systems and platforms. As for the vulnerability reports themselves, they essentially go through a vetting process before they’re actually listed in the database, as this ultimately ensures integrity of the information. Again, it’s a great resource, for which every I.T. individual serious about security should include in his | her arsenal for protecting one’s organization.

Information Security Policies | A Must for Compliance | A Great Compliment to OSVDB | Order
If you’re seeking relevant security information – such as vulnerability material offered by OSVDB, then consider also the need for a comprehensive set of information security policies and procedures, for which all organizations can benefit from. Flat Iron Technologies, LLC – an industry leader in providing high-quality, professionally researched and developed security documentation – offers the Global Information Security Compliance Packet (GISCP) set of operational and I.T. policies, procedures – and more – that contain literally hundreds of quality templates. From implementing best-practices, to regulatory compliance, the GISCP set of documents is a must-have for today’s security-conscious organizations. 

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