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The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission – FERC – is a U.S. federal agency with broad oversight and jurisdiction over the energy sector for the United States. The North American Electric Reliability Corporation – NERC – is the actual organization charged with reliability standards, enforcement and compliance, assessment, infrastructure security, training, certification, and other supporting mandates. Specifically, NERC is the electric reliability organization (ERO) certified by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission to establish and enforce reliability standards for the bulk power system for the U.S.

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Additionally, NERC has in place a well-known and respected cybersecurity platform known as the NERC Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP) standard, which outlines broad and expansive requirements for ensuring the safety of critical infrastructure assets of electrical utilities. As for FERC and NERC, learn more by visiting the following websites:

FERC | NERC | Cybersecuirty | Security Policies are Critical
It’s critically important to note that a large – and growing – component of regulatory compliance with any stated standard or framework – such as NERC CIP, ES-C2M2, and others - is highly dependent upon well-written, professionally developed information security policies and procedures. From essential network security policies and procedures, to security awareness training, user access rights, and so much more, well-written security documentation is a must for FERC, NERC, and cyber security compliance.

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