NIST SP 800-125 | Guide to Security for Full Virtualization Technologies | Overview | Sample I.T. Policies

NIST SP 800-125, Guide to Security for Full Virtualization Technologies, is a comprehensive publication put forth by the National Institute of Standards and Technology discussing important provisions for ensuring the safety and security of today’s increasingly used virtualization platforms. Specifically, NIST SP 800-125 places a heavy emphasis on all components of virtualizing, giving much-needed guidance on security for the following areas:

  • Hypervisor
  • Guest O/S
  • Virtualized Infrastructure
  • Desktop Virtualization

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Additionally, NIST SP 800-125 puts forth the following five (5) phase virtualization lifecycle:

  • Phase 1: Initiation. This includes tasks that an organization should perform before it starts actually designing a virtualization platform.
  • Phase 2: Planning and Design. Personnel are to specify the technical characteristics of the
  • actual virtualization platform.
  • Phase 3: Implementation. Equipment is to be configured for meeting operational and security Requirements.
  • Phase 4: Operations and Maintenance. Critical security-related tasks for which an organization is to perform on an ongoing basis.
  • Phase 5: Disposition. Tasks that are to be undertaken once a virtualization solution is being retired.

Security Policies | Critical for Virtualization Platforms
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