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Established in 1989, SANS is a global leader in the field of information security training, certification, research, and awareness - offering a multitude of products and services to both businesses and individuals alike. They a large and ever-growing list of training programs that consist of online and live seminars, along with expert instructors with years of real-world information security knowledge.

Learn more about our signature product, the Global Information Security Compliance Packet (GISCP)the world's most complete security policy packet containing over 2,850 + pages of in-depth information security policies, procedures, forms, checklists, templates, provisioning and hardening documents, and much more.

Learn more today about the GISCP by viewing sample policies, forms, hardening documents, and more.

Additionally, with a never-ending list of compliance frameworks and standards, SANS has begun to stand out as a true authority on such issues, with much attention given to the widely-known Top 20 Critical Security Controls - a listing of the twenty (20) critical areas that effectively combines information security best practices and regulatory compliance into one. It’s just one of the many initiatives for which SANS is known more. As for the SANS training and research practices, notable aspects consist of the following:

  • Hundreds of courses offered all around the world
  • Highly coveted GIAC certification programs offered
  • SANS Information Security Reading Room consisting of dozens of high-quality, well-written information security white papers
  • Bulletins and Alerts on notable security topics
  • Vendor resources for helping improve security on many well-known platforms
  • Internet Storm Center
  • SANS Top 20 Critical Security Controls
  • and much more, so visit today

The Importance of Information Security Policies as Noted by SANS
Adhering to many of the SANS best practices for information security - such as the Top 20 Critical Security Controls - ultimately requires comprehensive, well-written operational and I.T. policies and procedures, such as those offered by Flat Iron Technologies, LLC. With hundreds of professionally developed policies, procedures, forms, checklists, templates, provisioning and hardening documents - and much more - the Global Information Security Compliance Packet (GISCP) from Flat Iron Technologies, LLC is a must-have for any organization serious about ensuring the safety and security of their entire information systems landscape.

Information Security Policy Documents | Hundreds Available for Download
Regulatory compliance mandates along with increasing cyber security threats are putting tremendous pressure on businesses today, ultimately requiring comprehensive policy and procedure documentation. Additionally, implementing best practices for information security is also a top priority for many entities - and that means starting with high-quality security documentation. 

GISCP - PREMIER Edition ($1,479.00)

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